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Behind the Music

The creativity, collaboration, and 10 song culmination, of this debut project, is one of those distinct, prodigious, rare, and unique musical gems that is so profound that it is deserving of its own website.  Long story short, during 2023, music genius, Grammy winner, iconic record producer, and top charting artist, Paul Brown, heard some of Jeff Logan's music. Paul decided to produce Jeff's music because the music was equally as compelling as Jeff's backstory (34 years at a jail). The culmination of this symbiotic, symphonic, sonic energy will become legendary. The all-original compositions, musicianship, and supersonic superlative Paul Brown production and Jeff Logan collaboration render an authentically inspiring, soulful and tremendous foray into what great music is supposed to accomplish-an innate, intrinsic, and irresistible connection with the listener.  


How about a rousing round of applause for the tremendously talented titans who helped create a signature sound of mellifluous, musical mayhem and harmonic mischief that pleasingly mystifies the senses:

Paul Brown-guitars and percussion

Gorden Campbell-drums

Ron King-horns 

Jeff Logan-piano and keyboards/flute synth

Shane Theriot-bass, drums, guitar, keyboard

Greg Vail-sax

Roberto Vally-bass


Also, Jeff would be the first to share with you that music is his first love.  He would also share the creative process, of working on an idea or musical vignette, for a song, and then developing that idea into an entire composition, gives him one of the greatest pleasures, rewards and satisfactions of his life. 


And you can hear Jeff's passion, for his musical compositions, when you take a listen to the final product.  It is Jeff's desire, as well as each of the superior collaborators, that the listener will become enamored with the cultured creativity, insane improvisation, meticulous musicianship, piercing passion, and sonic spontaneity that was infused into this "INDIGO" endeavor, and those projects yet to come. 


Jeff fully realizes that his musical reputation will be figuratively built upon 33 1/3rd revolutions per minute, i.e., the needle placed on the recording of his long-playing album(s), as the listener listens.  He stands behind his music because it is his most ardent and authentic offering of himself. 

Grand Piano

“Without music, life would be a mistake”

Friedrich Nietzsche

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