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new Smooth Jazz

"It's time to go "INDIGO"... Thank you for dropping by our all things "INDIGO" point of view and hue (bluhuE), and Smooth Jazz musicverse.  We are humbled and yet extremely proud of being able to deliver this project to you. For us, "INDIGO" is a signature and intentional way of living life and connecting ourselves to you, via-the music.  So, grab a glass of fresh LemonadeGet comfortable, listen and begin to chill in the "COOL" wave vibe.  That's the Chill Factor. Slow your heartrate a little bit more; let yourself become vulnerable; release your inhibitions, and you might even begin to feel true heartfelt emotions and some tears of joy and Tears of Hope.  Continue to relax, release, and rejuvenate your inner most self. Just Let It Go, whatever it is, that's been weighing you down. Feel lighter. Commune with us while we break and enjoy a little proverbial Bread and Wine together. We love you, and we want you to love you too.  So, we want you to look at yourselves' reflection and say, "I Love You", into a mirror. Once you can learn to love yourself, give yourself permission to love someone else and Fall In Love again. Life is a mere whisper, so start making your dreams come true. And they will If Only you'd begin to chart a course so you can achieve your dreams and turn them into reality.  Are you dreaming?  Yeah, good.  Now you are totally immersed into the INDIGO asthenosphere, atmosphere, and stratosphereWe hope you like what you heard, and you too decide to escape into the "INDIGO" bluhuE essential experience as often as you can.  We hope we took you to a soulful place where you can let your soul flow like an unencumbered tributary pouring out your beauty, benevolence, gifts, love, and blessings to others, like A Soul's River, cascading and wading beautifully into a world that desperately needs healing.


Did you get caught up?  Good!  Here's our bluhu "E" effect...

We want our music to have a positive effect on you by hoping you let our music edify your soul; educate your mind; elevate your thoughts; enhance your life; emancipate your spirit; empower you to accomplish your goals and extricate you of and from anything bogging you down.  Ride with us, as we've set our coordinates on a course trajectory and musical journey beyond your wildest imagination.                                                                                                         

Let's go "INDIGO" and break away from gravity.

jeff logan with brown hat and beard 2_ed


From this project's conception to its fruition, the course correct, musically speaking, was on acute emphasis of providing and connecting the listener with an escape into an alter dimensional utopian universe of peaceful, rhythmic, soul-stirring, and tranquil smooth jazz serendipity.  It is our desire, at, that our music will melt into your innermost soul and win you over, one beautifully cultivated song at a time.   

jeff logan closeup 2_edited.jpg

Jeff's a Dream Jeff's words...

"Never give up on your dreams!!!"

I can't begin to share with you how many times my musical journey has been deferred, delayed, and detoured. Adding to that, were all the doors that remained inaccessible, and by the time I got to the doorknob, the door remained closed and locked; however, there's a silver lining. Adversity begged for me to quit, while inspiration said continue to write. I never stopped writing, and I never gave up on my dream of one day getting my music before an audience that could and would one day appreciate my artistry.  Thanks, Paul Brown for believing in me, my artistry, and my dream too.                                  "U R the Maaannnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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